Mitchell And Ness: Driving Athletic Trends


Mitchell and Ness

Mitchell and Ness – Finding a perfect sports brand with an affordable price tag has become easier than before. The reason behind this is the ever-growing number of brands of sports clothing. With more and more brands coming out almost every year, now there are more choices for trendy, durable, and beautifully crafted sportswear. These companies are coming up with clothing ranges that are specially designed for various athletic endeavors such as general workout, casual sportswear, and team uniform. A good manufacturer is known for materials that are both high quality and ergonomic. A leading name in the industry of sportswear is Mitchell and Ness Nostalgia Co.


Mitchell and Ness Nostalgia Co.


Mitchell and Ness is a sportswear company of America. The company is situated in Philadelphia. Established in 1904, Mitchell And Ness is Philadelphia’s oldest sports clothing company. Interestingly the name “Mitchell and Ness” is derived from Frank Mitchell, a former wrestling and AAU champ, and Charles Ness, an expert Scottish golfer. Together they formed the company in the year 1904. With many brands failing to make their mark Mitchell And Ness stood the test of time. Even today their jerseys are considered as very popular and desired among sports enthusiasts.

Business Associations


The company has been making vintage sports clothing and many other products for many years. Mitchell And Ness is in licensing agreement with big names such as National Football League, Major League Baseball, National Hockey League, and, National Basketball Association. Not very long ago, they succeeded in acquiring the license of the popular label of CLC College-Vault. Very recently, they succeeded in winning the exclusive or privileged rights to produce & reproduce the authentic jerseys of Michael Jordan. Mitchell And Ness has also been making headwear for NFL, NHL, NCAA, and NBA since a very long time.

Mitchell And Ness hat

Popular Brands


There is a range of throwback jerseys of Mitchell And Ness. These jerseys were made in order to reproduce vintage to the modern player or team sports jerseys that are either difficult to find or are not available any longer. In the year 1988, this company started making baseball jerseys. However, Mitchell And Ness became popular after 10 years in the retail market, both domestic and international, with the company introduced the line for NBA called, “Hardwood Classics”. Later the company focused on reproducing the famous throwbacks of football, NHL or vintage hockey, and hall-of-fame. Their throwback jerseys got further recognition when many athletes and celebrities started wearing them on music videos and T.V. This company manufactures apparel, jerseys, headwear, and other accessories.


The company was marketed with the idea of resurrecting authentic & vintage jerseys, which are considered significant to the industry of sports. Mitchell And Ness are still responsible for driving the athletic trends & sportswear throughout the globe. One can now grab a Michael Jordan jersey at their flagship stores and other popular retail stores as well. Mitchell And Ness has effectively outfitted various teams over the past decades with many products becoming their signature product. One can buy products online such as duffle bags, scarves, pennants, socks, gloves, and banners, purveyors of authentic and vintage-inspired jerseys, headwear, and apparel.